• A Renewed Approach to Energy Sustainability for All

Our Solutions

We create solutions that integrate technology with renewable energy to yield smart consumer and environmental benefits.

We Harness Smart Home Technologies

We see the power of smart homes and the untapped capacity to enable better energy efficiencies and conservation. We develop smart home solar applications that integrate to provide conservation opportunities.

We Support ECO-Friendly Solutions

We are driven to help support the environment by enabling technologies that help everybody. We want our solutions to contribute to the sustainability of our planet.

RTN Solutions

Our Technology

To provide consumers with the most effective solutions, we equip key partners with our intelligent technology platform powered by SUNNAI's Smart Energy Rewards Protocol (SERP).

Renewables & Clean Energy

We Target Renewable Energy
Using renewable energy sources drive the direction of our solutions.

• Solar Thermal
A form of energy and a technology for harnessing solar energy to generate thermal energy for use in industry, and in the residential and commercial sectors.

• Solar PV
A photovoltaic system, also PV system or solar power system, is an electric power system designed to supply usable solar power by means of photovoltaics.

Smart Technologies

Intelligent Technology Solutions
Our solutions are designed to support an experience that makes things easier for consumers. We use Artifical Intelligence (AI) technology to simplify involvement.

• Interactive Voice Response
We integrate with popular technology solutions like Alexa (by Amazon) to develop assistive solutions for consumers.

• Platform & Protocol
Our unique intellectual property enables what we see as the future for participation by consumers to use energy efficiently and conservatively.

Application Uses & Examples

Our solutions are designed for a multitude of consumer and industry (residential & commercial) use cases.

Contractor & Installer Applications

The Smart Energy Rewards Platform is a complement to what contractors and installers can offer due to the clear value-added benefit related to Return On Investment justification and the opportunity to engage the end consumer with awareness of their energy and water consumption.

The SUNNAI Platform Impact:
  • System & Installation Monitoring
  • Modernized technology options (Including Alexa Skill & Google Assistant accessibilty)
  • Value-Added product and service opportunity for clients
  • Increased marketability and exposure
  • Integrated data analytics and intelligence
  • Integrated Fleet management
  • Additonal Monthly Reoccuring Revenue

Community Solar & Housing Applications

Fractionalize consumer energy and water utilization compliance will contribute to collective community solar optimal regiment. Individuals will have the opportunity to comply, and they can acquire rewards. A comprehensive rewards and incentive program will drive the consumers while the scope of the impact will be viewable at in individual and community level.

The SUNNAI Platform Impact:
  • Reduced energy consumption during peak hours improving the solar return on investment (ROI).
  • Reduced sewer cost due to reduced water consumption.
  • Enhanced social connection with the residents and community.
  • Appliance upgrade commission if resident opts for replacement.
  • Increased rental opportunities.
  • Residents will be rewarded for social media posts that drive visibility to the property.
  • The installation can qualify for the RENEW THE NATION accreditation recognition.

Hotel Operators & Commercial Facility Applications

Hotel operators that either use now or are considering a solar array and water saving devices to offset energy cost while impacting the environment can benefit integrating SUNNAI to create a marketing/visibility message that resonates with guests. The SUNNAI platform solution offered by RENEW THE NATION provides data intelligence to complement the installation and helps to ensure a better return on investment.

The SUNNAI Platform Impact:
  • Solar PV and/or Thermal Systems production data is captured and integrated with SUNNAI.
  • SUNNAI manages consumption via its consumer engagement platform.
  • The platform rewards the guest to use electricity and hot water at peak solar production.
  • Rewards are delivered to the consumer via the SUNNAI SERP Protocol in the form of credits, points or gifts.
  • The property uses less water and electricity thus improving the ROI while impacting the environment creating a marketing message for the property.

Disaster Response, Remote sites, Field Hospitals, and Government Deployment Applications

The SUNNAI platorm provides user engagement and notifications to users who have access to fixed energy sources such as deployed solar power or other generated sources and access to water stored or heated. The SUNNAI platform integrates with the host energy production, water and availability. Users are engaged and notified based on the offerings, features and capacity of the deployed assets.

The SUNNAI Platform Impact:
  • Monitoring and analysis of generated solar energy production.
  • Solar thermal water heating and hot water storage availabilty integration.
  • Water flow consumption and water supply filtering status.
  • Battery storage capacity & level monitoring
  • Integrated VVI Hyper Weather
  • AI System Diagnostics, Insights & Analytics

Energy Management Companies & Partners

Companies and entities that develop and offer solutions for home management, energy data applications, and energy / water monitoring technologies have an opportunity to integrate with our platform solution as an API Partner that will provide access to our Smart Energy Rewards Protocol (SERP) allowing provisions for data inputs and machine learning tied to consumer compliance that is integrated with rewards.

The SUNNAI Platform Impact:
  • Software As A Service (SaaS) systems integration.
  • API Integration and Development Options
  • White-label and Co-Branding Provisions
  • Multiple Intergration Subscription Options
  • Device and Equipment procurement options
  • Technical Support